Eymyh has been with the Teamsters since 2013. She is the Business Agent for 14 different houses under Teamsters Local 14. A first generation Mexican immigrant, Eymyh started organizing at 16 when she lobbied the Governor of Mexico City to adopt a more just school tax.


Eymyh was a lead organizer in the 2012 Port of Los Angeles strikes, leading 9 different strikes over unfair labor practices, eventually winning the right to organize a union for Truck drivers in Los Angeles. Prior to that, Eymyh helped to organize a succession of strikes for warehouse workers in the Inland Empire, leading a month-long strike against the corporate giant, Walmart.


Eymyh also spent several years organizing campaigns for SEIU. As a “troubleshooter”, she prevented 5 different organized workplaces from losing their union contracts. She’s a mother to two, a grandmother to 6, and has been married for 3 years.

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