Jason has been with the Teamsters since 1991. After serving in the armed forces, Jason joined the Teamsters as a UPS worker, then again as a valet attendant in 1993.


He served as a shop steward for several years before transitioning to his role as a Business Agent in 2000. Jason went to work for the international union in 2005, where he coordinated campaigns across the country in a variety of different sectors and occupations.


In 2012, he was the lead coordinator for the Port of Los Angeles strikes, introducing new techniques in mobilization that produced huge wins for the union in multiple sectors. Jason uses these techniques, centered around Unfair Labor Practices, to train organizers and workers on how to strike effectively and win real gains for the working class.


He joined Teamsters Local 14 in 2019 to help grow the membership
and assist with organizing.

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