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Tesla workers launch union campaign at Buffalo, NY plant.  

Teamsters: A sleeping American giant now spoiling for a fight


Mr. O’Brien, 49, became the first new president in 23 years to take the helm of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters – a 1.4 million member union that represents professions from warehouse workers to freight drivers – and he has made it known that he is aching for a fight.


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Unionization increased by 200,000 in 2022

Tens of millions more wanted to join a union, but couldn’t

Strike averted:

Republic Services, union reach 'tentative' agreement for Vegas valley workers

UPS Faces Rising Labor Costs, Strike Risk in Upcoming Union Fight

Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits Teamsters Ratify Strong New Contract

Local 14 Teamsters News

Clark County public schools reach tentative labor deal with teamsters, support staff

The Clark County School District says it has a tentative deal with the unions representing education support staff.


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What CCSD & Tesla have in common: Both employ a lot of Medicaid recipients

Amazon, Walmart and Clark County School District topped the list of employers with the most workers enrolled in Nevada Medicaid.


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Is Las Vegas The Most Stressful City to Work In?

This Company Spent More Than $1 Million On Union-Busting Consultants
A judge found that ready-mix concrete distributor Cemex committed “extraordinary violations” of the law in trying to defeat a Teamsters campaign.

Higher ed faculty push for collective bargaining across NSHE institutions

Union Report: NEA Affiliate in Las Vegas Surrenders 30% of Members to Teamsters. Is This the Start of New Labor Arrangement?

Labor News

4 jobs or 3 roommates needed to make rent on federal minimum wage, Zillow says


Renters at the lowest end of the income spectrum are struggling to find affordable places to live amid a nationwide housing shortage that has driven rent prices up and made nagging inflation even harder to absorb.


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This Company Spent More Than $1 Million On Union-Busting Consultants


When Cemex truck drivers in Las Vegas and Southern California decided to join the Teamsters in 2018, the ready-mix concrete company did all it could to stop them. Cemex quickly hired a “union avoidance” firm that it would pay more than $1 million to try to dissuade workers from organizing.


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$340 Million Anti-Labor Consulting Industry Is Behind Contemporary Union-Busting

Strikes Increased In 2022 As Workers Wielded Their Leverage

The most common demands among strikers were "better pay, improved health and safety, and more staffing," according to a new analysis.

Over $50 billion per year stolen through wage theft

Employers are stealing over $50 billion per year through wage theft, according to new study. Less than $1 billion per year ever recovered.

Rail Workers Tried to Warn Us the Ohio Train Derailment Would Happen

An inter-union alliance of rail workers says the train wreck happened due to antiquated regulation and corporate malpractice.

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