How We Organize

Organize Your Workplace

Under the NLRB (national labor relations board) you have the right to organize a union without harassment or retaliation. The NLRB protects the following rights:


Employees have the right to attempt to form a union where none currently exists, or to decertify a union that has lost the support of employees.

Examples of employee rights include:


  • Forming, or attempting to form, a union in your workplace
  • Joining a union whether the union is recognized by your employer or not
  • Assisting a union in organizing your fellow employees;
  • Refusing to do any or all of these things.
  • To be fairly represented by a union


Your employer CANNOT:

  • Spy on you
  • Coercively question you
  • Threaten you or bribe you regarding your union activity or the union activities of your co-workers
  • Terminate, discipline, demote, or penalize you in any way for engaging in these activities


You Have The Right To Form A Union

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