Teamsters Local 14 Supports AB222

AB222 seeks to right an injustice within CCSD’s retirement system. It takes support staff 1 and a half times as long to earn credit under the NV Pers system, due to the computation of credit. This means that support professionals, after spending decades serving our community, don’t get to retire at the same time as other professionals at CCSD. It also means that it takes longer to receive the same amount of benefits.

AB222 will fix this long-standing issue by calculating credit for NV PERS. The bill amends current legislation to include employees who work on a scheduled basis, on-call, or part-time so that all CCSD employees receive one year of PERS credit for one year worked. Our support staff keeps kids safe, get them to school on time, and keeps our schools clean & sanitary. It’s time to show them the respect that they’re due. 

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