Tentative Agreement Reached in NLV: A Letter from Secretary-Treasurer Fred Horvath

Good Afternoon Local 14 Members!

Several months ago, we approached the City to discuss the recent inflationary outburst in the economy and its impact on everyone’s day-to-day lives.  From these initial discussions, Local 14’s Executive Board determined it appropriate to open negotiations towards a new, three (3) year Agreement between the City and Local 14.   A bargaining committee was formed and consisted of Chief Shop Steward Kim Spurlock, Eric Robison, Karmen Gibson, Jennifer Whitley, John Karounos, Ken Todd, Senior Business Agent Johnny Ortega and me.  A special thank-you to your team of colleagues who made this happen. After 8 meetings, we have reached a tentative agreement for a new 3-year contract that runs through June 30, 2026.  An informational meeting and voting on these Agreements will occur in Council Chambers on Wednesday, August 23, 2023.  Attached is a Summary of Change document that shows all changes within the tentative agreements. New language is in blue font and deleted language is strikethrough in red.  

Some of the changes are:

  • Another 3% base wage increase retro to the beginning of the second pay period in July (when the PERS decreased kicked in)
  • A $1200.00 lump-sum payment for all employees as quickly as possible after City Council approval of these Agreements if they are ratified by the membership(s).
  • Additional base wage increases in year 2 and 3 based on a slightly modified cost of living formula that provides better protection for us should inflation take off again.
  • $1100.00 lump-sum payment to all employees that were topped out during or before the pay period that included July 1, 2023 and the same $1100.00 lump-sum for topped out employees in year two and three of these agreements.
  • Moving to an eight (8) step pay plan in July 2025
  • Additional contributions from the City to the Security Fund of Southern Nevada, Local 14 that will approximate $1,400.000.00 over the term of these Agreements.
  • The cash out of banked holiday hours above 180 hours in February 2024 and the ability to buy out banked holiday hours for cash each November for payment in December each year thereafter.
  • Being paid for your floating holiday if you do not use it during the July through June timeframe.  
  • A minimum 8% increase when promoted, up from the current 5%
  • A 50% increase in the stand-by pay premium.
  • Significant improvements in contract language in many Articles, including clarification of Local 14’s jurisdiction within City Departments.

Voting will begin at 8:30am and run through 3:30pm on Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Information meetings will be conducted at 10:00am and 1:00pm in Council Chambers.

See you soon.

Fred Horvath
Teamsters Local 14
Cell #: 702-286-2989

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