Tentative Contract for CCSD


Press Contact: Val Thomason


ESEA, Teamsters 14 Release Tentative Contract for CCSD Support Staff

ESEA & Teamsters 14 are proud to announce we have reached a tentative agreement for the 2023-2025 contract. After months of effort, we have won a range of salary increases for support professionals. Subject to ratification of this Agreement, no ESEA or Teamster Local 14 represented employee will make less than $15 an hour working for the Clark County School District.  We negotiated a cost-of-living increase for everyone of 6.77% for the first year of the contract and a 2% COLA in the second year. In June we negotiated a 1.875 % increase in your base hourly rate for the increased Nevada PERS contribution that avoided a decrease in your hourly rate. Support staff will receive 5% step increases in both years of this two-year contract.  That’s right, another 10% in increased base wages.

 Additionally, you will be receiving another base wage increase from the funds Nevada Legislators approved for teacher and support staff wage increases during the 2023 legislative session. We anticipate that this will be no less than another 5% increase. 

Extended Service Awards are included in this tentative agreement that provides $2500 annually when you have completed 25 years of service.  We successfully negotiated away the requirement for the support staff to have to pay an additional $11,500,000 from your pay checks in the 2023-2024 school year for your medical benefits.

We have negotiated increases for special education support staff and staff working at “at-risk” schools. This list is not exhaustive, there are too many improvements in contract language to list here! 

We are, as always, proud to represent the hardworking and dedicated support staff that keep our schools running. These increases will not only help our support staff amidst recent historical inflation, but CCSD will be able to retain experienced professionals by offering a more competitive salary.

Ratification meeting details will be available soon and all members will have the opportunity to understand and vote on the finalized contract. 

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